“How’s he doing?” The woman asked. “Still asleep.” The man examined Crop’s vitals. “His body must be exhausted from the bad transfusion.” “Exhausted, but recovering. I spent most of the night just ridding his body of the blood,” The man said as he motioned to stacks of blood bags. “Who would do this to someone?”Continue reading “V”


The sounds of swooshing and pumping encapsulated the atmosphere in which Crop inhabited. Maybe he had dreamt it all. Leech, the factory, The Drip. Maybe it wasn’t real, but what he was hearing at that moment was. It was all real. Like a deja vu known all too well. Crop opened his eyes to viewContinue reading “IV”


Genocide? Or The Only Hope For A Future? Yesterday, The UE finished its discussions and debates attempting to find a solution to the Earth’s overpopulation problem. All 195 countries were represented at the gathering, which took place at the Millionth Street Tower. The solution proposed by a young politician here in The UE was discussedContinue reading “III”


The homemade door slammed shut like a screen door to a country side home.  “I’ll get you some clothes.” Leech disappeared around the corner, but Crop could hear the scuffs of his feet on the floor all the way down the hall and back.  He handed Crop a pair of jeans and a smelly T-shirt.Continue reading “II”


It was the first time in years that sunlight pierced through the thick fog that covered the Earth, but the light only shined on The Upper Echelon. In the city’s underbelly, there were places so deep that the sunlight wouldn’t dare enter, much less someone from such a lavish lifestyle as The UE.  Riddled withContinue reading “I”