Simultaneous shots rang out from the gunmetal forged in The Mole and Naomi’s hands as they stepped out of the floating car. The two Sentinels dropped where they stood at the front of The Millionth Street Tower. Crowds of people fled the sidewalks as the echo bounced off the walls of the city. Dempsey tookContinue reading “XV”


The room was soft and the walls were made of cushion. Any sound that was made was immediately stamped out by the jagged edges of foam jutting out from the walls. It occurred to Isaac that he was now probably in some sort of recording studio. The very one where The Crest made spoke toContinue reading “XIV”


The smog had clashed with the rain clouds that covered The Byways that night. The combination created a downfall of liquid soot that made one look like they were cave dwellers. Globs of black paste dripped off of the tin roofs like stalactites. The soot from the black rain was washed away in the nextContinue reading “XI”


United News February 6, 2161 The Upper Echelon announced today one of its policies to combat the overpopulation of Earth. This policy, called Family Planning, intends to limit the amount of offspring a family has while also supplying donors for the roll-out of Double I factories. According to sources, every fifteen years, families will beContinue reading “X”


Naomi cried with furious anger. The few tears that ran down her cheek weren’t ones from sadness, but as if she had been pushed past the edge. Like a child that had been prodded again and again, but had had enough now. She was silent while she helped unload the crops that the group managedContinue reading “VIII”


United News August 14, 2151 The Upper Echelon is said to have approved a series of experiments on rats today. What the experiments will consist of has not been released to the public, but theories are already circulating throughout The Districts. These theories include various speculations such as a renewable energy source, and a cureContinue reading “VII”


United News May 3rd, 2143 “In approximately 7 years, scientists predict the planet’s population will grow past what the Earth as a planet can sustain. Major world organizations, including The Upper Echelon, are said to be meeting later this week to discuss potential policy changes and contingency plans for the possibility of disaster. One manContinue reading “VI”


“How’s he doing?” The woman asked. “Still asleep.” The man examined Crop’s vitals. “His body must be exhausted from the bad transfusion.” “Exhausted, but recovering. I spent most of the night just ridding his body of the blood,” The man said as he motioned to stacks of blood bags. “Who would do this to someone?”Continue reading “V”


The sounds of swooshing and pumping encapsulated the atmosphere in which Crop inhabited. Maybe he had dreamt it all. Leech, the factory, The Drip. Maybe it wasn’t real, but what he was hearing at that moment was. It was all real. Like a deja vu known all too well. Crop opened his eyes to viewContinue reading “IV”


Genocide? Or The Only Hope For A Future? Yesterday, The UE finished its discussions and debates attempting to find a solution to the Earth’s overpopulation problem. All 195 countries were represented at the gathering, which took place at the Millionth Street Tower. The solution proposed by a young politician here in The UE was discussedContinue reading “III”